Welcome to my blog!

Mooch and Co was established in Ballarat ,Victoria, Australia in 2007 and recently has had its first major upgrade with a new website and a logo freshen up!.

I quite often get asked Why the name?, Where did it come from? Well,  my beautiful daughter has always called me Mooch or Moo and she has always been my favourite company to keep, so the name was born , Mooch and Co, or quite simply me and my daughter.

Mooch and Co was really born out of necessity along side a passive passion, as a single mother in 2007 with a teenage daughter I needed to try and generate some extra income when my hours were cut at work, in addition I really needed  something to do at nights and on weekends while I was just sitting at home. Well I can tell you the second part was a success, I certainly filled in my free time at home at nights and on the weekends but I didn't make a cracker, I just learnt allot. I learnt allot about myself as well as how to create an online business from home with limited resources...very limited resources.

 I hope that you will enjoy my blog, I plan to only blog when I have something interesting to share or alert you to, like 'The Latest Jewellery Trends'' , when new stock is arriving or when special offers and discounts come up . I will also answer any questions that you may have here as well.

If you would like to contact me to provide feedback or to answer a question you may have, you can contact me via email moochandcompany@gmail.com.


Great seeing you here, I hope that you will visit my website Mooch and Co again soon.